Some important Writers and their Books Of Psychology ( मनोविज्ञान के कुछ महत्वपूर्ण लेखक और उनकी पुस्तकें)📝

  1. जीन पियाजे – _The psychology of Intelligence,,
    Language and Thought of the child,,
    Child conception of the world ,,
    Moral judgement of the child
  2. क्रेपलिन – pathology of brain
  3. विलियम जेम्स- Principle of Psychology,, Interpritation of dream ,,Psychology of the study of Man
  4. कोहलर- Mentality of Apes
  5. थार्नडाइक- Educational psychology,, Animal intelligence,, The measurement of Intelligence
  6. गिजूभाई- Daydream
  7. मैक्स वर्दीमर – Production thinking,, Phenomeno book
  8. आर. ए. डेविस – Psychology of learning
  9. रूसो-Emile
  10. रॉबर्ट गैने – Condition of learning
  11. कोफ्का – Theory of gestalt’s
  12. पावलव- Conditioned Reflexes
  13. विलियम maikdugal- Outline psychology
  14. सिगमंड फ्रायड- Beyond the pleasure principle
  15. गोडार्ड- The meaning of Intelligence
  16. स्किनर – Science and Human Behaviour
  17. युन्ग – Motivation of Behaviour
  18. टॉल मैन- Intelligence of Behaviour
  19. अल्फ्रेड बिने-Mental Fatigue
  20. जॉन डीवी- How We Think
  21. रूडोल्फ गोल काय- Psychologia
  22. अल्बर्ट बंडूरा- Social Foundation Thought and Action
  23. गोलमैन- Emotional Intelligence
  24. सुधीर कक्कड़- Childhood and Society in India,, Hindu Psychology
  25. गार्डनर मरफी- In the Mind of Man
  26. दुर्गानंद सिन्हा- Indian village in Asian ,,In a Third World Country: The Indian Experiences
  27. क्लीफोर्ड बीयर्स – A Mind That Found Itself
  28. अब्राहम मौस्लो – Motivation and Personality
  29. प्लेटो- The Republic
  30. जॉन अमोस कौमेनियस – Orbic Victous
  31. गेसेल – Infancy and Human Growth,, Guidance of Mental Growth

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