As an online educational services, YOP Education is a platform to provide standard and Customized requirements for an institution, an individual teacher and for a learner.

Services (For Institutions)

Hiring consultant

YOP Education gives best hiring consultant services for an institution or educational platform to recruit the best  teacher or employee by conducting different levels of exams and interviews.

Online classes and material

We provide online classes for school exams, board exams or competitive exams. We provide complete course, crash  courses, Topic wise courses or required customized courses based on institution requirement for their students along with providing required study materials.

Conduct exam or test series

We conduct Daily, weekly or monthly online or offline exams or test series along with doubt clearing sessions based on requirements.

Study Materials/Books

We provide Study material or books for an institution or educational platform.  These materials and books can be prepared based on the separate special requirement as well.

Doubt clearing Sessions

We Provide online doubt clearing sessions by India’s best experts for any school exams, board exams or competitive exams.

Practice Sets

In order to check the performance of the students we provide chapter wise or complete practice sets for any school exams, board exams or competitive exams.

White label content

We provide white label content for any school exams, board exams or competitive exams for a particular subject, complete exam syllabus or test series.

Counselling Services

We provide Counselling for one to one student or group of students on career goals, opportunities, strategy, Study plan, routine etc.


We provide seminars online / offline for an institution or educational platform along with motivational speeches by experts.

Toppers Talk 

We conduct toppers talk for related students of an institution or educational platform to give them a real life idea and strategy of success.

Services (For Individual Teachers)

Teaching material

We provide specific teaching Material, PPT, PDFs and slides for an individual teacher with their required layout for best teaching.

Training for Teachers 

We provide training for teachers to develop technical skills, presentation skills, confidence and end to end training  etc to handle online / offline classes.

Services (For Students) 

Career Counselling

We provide best Career Counselling and guidelines to students as per their background by experts which will help learners to grow best based on their capability.

Video Course and Material  

We provide the best video courses and material for students based on subject / course requirement for any course or competitive exams.

Test Series

With our test series plan students can attempt multiple test series to check their performance.

Conduct Motivational speech 

We conduct a single or series of motivational speeches for students to keep them energetic, positive and study centric with their best effort and career goal.