General Science Questions & Answers-4 in English for CTET, all State TETs, KVS, NVS, DSSSB etc

1      Bismuth was discovered by —-Valentine
2      The biggest plant seed is —-Cocodemer
3      Toxicology is the study of—- Poisons
4      Virology is the study of —-Viruses
5      Paleontology is the study of —-Fossils
6      Calorimeter is used to measure —-Quantity of heat
7      Chronometer was invented by —-John Harrison
8      Stethoscope was invented by —-William Stockes
9      Spinning frame was invented by —-Sir Richard Arkwright
10      Al stands for —-Aluminium
11      Gd stands for —-Gadolinium
12      Ir stands for —-Iridium
13      Bi stands for —-Bismuth
14      The Chemical formula of sodium bicarbonate is —-NaHCO3
15      The chemical formula of common salt is —-Nacl
16      The chemical formula of washing soda is —-Na2CO3,IOH2O
17      The chemical formula of lime soda is —-CaCO3
18      The chemical formula of chloroform is —-CHcl3
19      The study of grasses is known as —-Agrostology
20      The study of antiquities is known as—- Archaeology
21      The study of the duration of life is known as—-Chronobiology
22      The study of bacteria is known as —-Bacteriology
23      Nylon was invented by—- Dr.Wallace H.Carothers
24      Electric razor was invented by —-Jacob Schick
25      The symbol of silver is —-Ag
26      The symbol of silicon is —-Si
27      The symbol of titanium is —-Ti
28      Calcium oxide is commonly known as —-Quick lime
29      A deviation of light passing from one medium to another is known as—-Refraction
30      An apparatus for generation of atomic energy is called a —-Reactor
31      A machine used for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy is called a—-Generator
32      The first Indian woman in space was —-Kalpana Chawla
33      The revolver was invented by—- Samuel Colt
34      The refrigerator was invented by —-J.Perkins

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