General Science Questions & Answers-2 in English for CTET, all State TETs, KVS, NVS, DSSSB etc

1.The symbol of sodium is —-Na
2.The symbol of Sr stands for —-Strontium
3.The symbol Rb stands for —-Rubidium
4.The symbol Md stands for —-Mendelevium
5.Calcium sulphate is commonly called —-Plaster of Paris
6.Sodium carbonate is commonly called —-Washing Soda
7.Sodium chloride is commonly known as —-Common Salt
8.The chemical name of Chloroform is —-Trichloromethane
9.The chemical name of baking powder is —-Sodium bicarbonate
10.The chemical name of bleaching powder is —-Calcium hypochlorite
11.The formula HCL stands for —-Hydrochloric Acid
12.The formula H2SO4 stands for —-Sulphuric Acid
13.The formula CHCI3 stands for —-Trichloromethane
14.The formula H2O2 stands for —-Hydrogen peroxide
15.A fungus which can only survive on other living organisms is called —-Obligate Parasite
16.A plant which lives in the dark is called —-Scotophyte
17.A plant adapted to live in dry places is called a —-Xerophyte
18.A plant adapted for growth in water is called a —-Hydrophyte
19.Bifocal lens was invented by —-Benjamin Franklin
20. Cement was invented by —-Joseph Aspdin
21.Laser was invented by —-Dr.Charles H.Townes
22.Electromagnet was invented by —-William Sturgeon
23. Rayon was invented by —-Sir Joseph Swann
23.Thermostat is an instrument used for regulating —-Constant temperature
25.The science of organic forms and structures is known as —-Morphology
26.Phycology is the study of —-Algae
27.Tata Institute of Fundamental Research was established in —-1945
28.  CSIR stands for —-Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
29.ISRO stands for —-Indian Space Research Organisation
30.The first human being to land on moon was —-Neil Armstrong
31.The first Indian in space was —-Rakesh Sharma
32.ISAC stands for —-ISRO Satellite Centre
33.VSSC stands for —-Vikram Sarabhai space Centre
34.The headquarters of ISRO is located at —–Bangalore
35.VSSC is located at —-Thiruvananthapuram
36.ISAC is located at —-Bangalore
37.National Science Centre is located at —-New Delhi
38.Central Tobacco Research Institute is located at —-Rajahmundry
39.Indian Institute of Horticultural Research is located at —-Bangalore
40.The Atomic Energy Commission was set up in —–August 1948
41.The first Indian Satellite was —-Aryabhatta
42.The first Indian Satellite was launched in the year—-1975
43.ASLV stands for —-Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
44. INSAT stands for —–Indian National Satellite
45. The fear of women is known as —–Gynophobia
46.The fear of men is known as —–Androphobia
47.The scientist who developed the Quantum theory was —-Max Plonck
48.The steam engine was invented by —-James Watt
49.The botanical name of tea is —-Camellia Sinensis
50.Logarithms were devised by —–John Napier

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